Student learning assessment


The interim assessments (i.e. one minute papers and other classroom assessments) and the final exams grades are published in the FAD platform (, which is accessible to students enrolled to the course.

Final Exam dates:

  • June 17, 2019, 11 AM
  • July 8, 2019, 11 AM
  • September 20, 2019, 11 AM
  • September 30, 2019 11 AM
  • January 8, 2020 11AM
  • January 24, 2020 11 AM
  • February 10, 11 AM


Final Exam organisation:

  1. Duration: 60 minutes
  2. If you are a Frequentante you can choose 3 questions between all 5 of them
  3. If you are a Non Frequentante you must answer question 1, 2 and 3
  4. You can gain between 8 and 12 points for each question (depending on their relative difficulty). The top mark for the whole exam is 30 points (cum laude).If you answer 4 questions, we will drop the answer with the highest mark.
  5. If you came and sat in the exam room you have accepted to undertake the exam and you are obliged to hand in your exam.
  6. You can answer in Italian if you prefer
  7. The use of mobile / tablet / PDAs is strictly forbidden.
  8. IMPORTANT: read carefully your question and answer precisely to the question. You have little time to answer and if you are too vague or too generic the answer will be considered wrong
  9. Final mark: A + B
    A = Mark for your final exam in thirties
    B = Additional points for your 1-minute papers (3 points max)