Partners and Internship

How to apply

Internship is reserved to attending students who have successfully passed the final exam.

Students interested on performing an internship, must send a mail to prof. Rangone and indicate one or two preferred institutions or associations. Please attach a detailed CV (including the exams passed and marks) and the proposed period. If the professor feels the CV and the student profile fits well with the suggested institution or association, she will ask the internship administrator (Alfredo Ferrara) to candidate the student. Hereafter, the proceeding will be managed by the internship administrator.

Please take note that all eligible students will have the chance to perform an internship, but there will be right to be selected by the preferred institution or association.  Moreover, the institution or association could suggest a different period for internship from what the student suggests. It could be due to internal organisational problems: an intern needs due assistance and space for work.

The internship will last one month full time. However, the institution or association often ask best students to stay on longer in order to acquire an adequate working experience. It  could also allow organising the timing differently (e.g. three months part time). It is up to the student to accept. 

Last but not least,  a student selected who declines the internship has no right to apply for another internship. It must be underlined that, while this behaviour could be personally justified, it impedes other students to be selected  for internship and could compromise the relationship with the interested institution or association.

For more information, please contact:

via di Porta Castello, 44-00193 Roma, Tel. 06.68422328-964

Associated parteners 

Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament (Comitato per la Legislazione)

  • Legislative clinic