Jean Monnet Chair on Better Regulation at LUMSA


The European approach to Better Regulation Course (builds on the success of the JM Module) is one of the main activities of the Jean Monnet Chair granted to Professor Nicoletta Rangone and her teammates, Prof. Matteo Rizzolli and Prof. Marco Costanzi


The Chair provides two courses and many related activities:


1) Master Course for Master Degree students (a.a. 2019/2020, 2nd semester)

The course is for LUMSA students, Graduate and Master Programs (Lauree Magistrali) and Law Degrees (ciclo unico), both from Rome and Palermo (the latter will attend lectures via an interactive platform for distance learning). Students from curricula who have optional courses of 40 hours (6 ECTS) can choose to attend two out of three modules of the course. These two modules are framed on the basis of the JM Module EU Approach to Better Regulation (theory of regulation, tools for better regulation, behavioral approach to regulation). Otherwise, a third module is available for curricula or Erasmus students who need a 20 hour’s course (3 ECTS), as well as for students who attended the 40 hour’s course who desired to have an advanced background on Better Regulation. A new blend of established methodologies whereby Master Course interactive lessons and case studies will be confronted with advanced classroom assessment techniques. Students will also participate in study visits to the Senate and to the Chamber of Deputies.

The course will provide excellent contacts through an internship (3 CFU), tailored to provide hands-on learning and enhance employability in top institution involved in better regulation, such as AGCM, AGCM, CONSOB, European Commission, MEF, AIEE, MIPAAF-ICQRF, Fondazione De Gasperi, Istituto Bruno Leoni and many others

For non LUMSA students, the subscription costs 250 euro + 16 euro fo rthe stamp. The enrolment form must be sent to, along with a copy of ID card, health card, and a copy of the bank transfer.


2) Intensive Professional Course for practitioners and future professionals

An advanced course of 30 hours will be provided to policy makers, regulators engaged in regulation at various levels of governance, and civil society


3) International conference

The Chair’s related activities will start in October 25, with an international conference on “The crisis of confidence in legislation”, organised in collaboration with the International Association of Legislation-Ial and hosted by the Italian Senate (for further information see: