Jean Monnet Module

European Approach to Better Regulation (2nd Ed.)  

A.A. 2017/2018, Second semester

Monday, 4-6 PM; Friday, 11/13 AM, Room 13, Via Pompeo Magno


What is it?

A multidisciplinary course in English (6 CFU). Students will be involved in interactive lessons, case studies, clinics, workshops and laboratories on the following issues: theory of regulation, tools for better regulation, behavioral approach to regulation

Who teaches the class?

Prof. Nicoletta Rangone Module Coordinator, Prof. Matteo Rizzolli and Prof. Alberto Alemanno (HEC Paris and NYU). Laboratories are coordinated by leading experts from the World Bank, the Senate, IALS (London), the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers and other institutions.

Why should I enroll?

Students will learn how to improve the quality and the impact of regulation, two issues that are essential in regulated firms and for regulators. The course will provide excellent contacts through a internships (3 CFU). Last year, many students had a positive, productive, and successful internship experience in top institution involved in better regulation, such as Senato, AGCM, AGCM, CONSOB, Banca Mondiale, Commissione europea, MEF, AIEE, MIPAAF-ICQRF, Fondazione De Gasperi, Istituto Bruno Leoni

Can I enroll?

The course is for LUMSA students, Graduate and Master Programs (Lauree Magistrali) and Law Degrees (ciclo unico), both from Rome and Palermo (the latter will attend lectures via an interactive platform for distance learning), civil servants, managers and officers of enterprises, professionals who wish to reach an education on regulation